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1 February 2015 (Our new Dressing Room!)


This is our home for the rest of the day. NB - Dressing rooms always look much more exciting when you take their picture in the mirror. Fact.



This is what we like - a dressing room well stocked with cake! All we need to do now is find a kettle...!



Now there are extra dances and performers, we take up SIX whole dress rails and two dressing rooms. All the new costumes look absolutely splendid!

1 February 2015 (Morning)


By 'eck! It's cold! It's freezing cold and blowing a gale - the wind is so violent it's actually blown the trim off the bottom of the bus door. We've tried to block it with as much of the luggage as we can, but it's a sliding door and we can't get to the biggest gaps down the side of the seats. Nabil Driver tried to tape it up from the outside, but the wind whipped the tape away as soon as we set off. Lots of stops for hot drinks, then!


Another stop for hot drinks - and this time we bought extra blankets too! Who thought it was a good idea to tour in February! Freezing cold Funoonies are considering breaking out the flags and using these for extra padding. And oh! Curses upon UK fire regulations that mean the shamadans run on LED. If we had candles, we'd have packed matches, and if we had matches we could have set fire to stuff to keep warm!


We've arrived! And we're on time! We found it straight away and there was parking just outside! Phew!


1 February 2015 (Before 7.00am)


Here we all are at Leeds Station packed and ready to go. Not sure everyone is used to being out of bed quite this early! We quite probably break the station's all-time record for the most luggage. Do hope the friendly Security Staff don't decide to take a closer look - quite a lot of it would take some explaining! 

Our minibus driver is Nabil and we're setting off early because the weather is looking like it might be a bit scary!


Inevitable minibus selfie!


And we're off! London here we come!

(How on earth did anyone ever travel before mobile phones!)

February 1st 2015

Funoon Wa Alwane at The Cockpit, London


It's here - the day of our first big show! Will everything come together and will all the last minute rehearsals pay off? Some of the costumes were only finished last night and may need alterations. Have we packed everything we need, and will it survive the journey in one piece? It looks like The Cockpit show might just turn out to be something special. After many diary rearrangements, Rashid and San'at have cofirmed they are able to join us. We have professional photographers and videographers, and a television crew from Al Ghad al Arabi are coming to document the show. It's quite possibly the most exciting Middle Eastern dance event any of us have ever been involved in since...oh!...the last one we did!

27 January 2015


Nisha made us a Tour Video - you can watch it on YouTube by clicking HERE.

Don't click the picture on the left cos it's just a picture.

On the left.


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