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25 January 2015


Last rehearsal before the big show! No stopping us now! Woohoo! Funoonies are go! (And we're packing cake!!!!)

18 January 2015


And another even BIGGER rehearsal today - not least because four sets of great big enormous Arabian Nights dancing pants put in an appearance!


Yes, everybody's bum looks big in these!


And yes, we're going to have to fit these in the van, too!


12 January 2015


Now's the time to start booking transport for London and Newport - and it's like one of those dreadful algebra exam questions. If you have 4 Funoonies in Manchester, 7 Funoonies in Leeds, 2 Funoonies halfway between Leeds and Manchester, 2 Funoonies in Sheffield, 1 Funoonie in Pontefract, and 1 Funoonie in Newcastle, plus two shamadans taking up a seat each, and a shisha, and a table, and all the flags of North Africa, the Middle East, and one or two other places, and several changes of costumes - how big does your van need to be and where should it set off from?!? (Probably the biggest headache of the tour so far!)


11 January 2015


Big rehearsal today! There are new dances to learn - Moroccan Chaabi and an Arabian Nights' style sword dance; there are new Funoonies to get to know; and some dances need extra choreography to turn trios into duets.

01 January 2015


It won't just be hard work - we'll have cake, too! (There's always lots of cake at Funoon rehearsals!)


01 January 2015


Happy New Year - Lots of work to do now to get ready for more shows. Woohoo!!!




24 December 2014


Have a great Christmas, everybody!



14 December 2014


Just one rehearsal this month, but there's a new dance - Palestinian debke has been added to the list. That's more boots!



1 December 2014


All change in the Funoon family! With exciting new job prospects for 2015, Romy decided to leave the company. And we've got two new Funoonies joining us in January - Wendy from Manchester and Irene from Sheffield. 


30 November 2014


Funny month, November! We were supposed to be hosting shows in Birmingham and Salford, but these aren't happening now. The Birmingham venue realised at the last minute that they'd double-booked events in their big-and-little theatres and didn't have enough changing rooms to go around. We've been unable to get a new date from them, and we can't find another small theatre with a suitable date before Christmas. And the Salford venue is being refurbished so they're going to give us another date next year. All fired up after Leeds, and now no where to go :(


5 November 2014


We are pleased to report all red debke boots safely made it through the bonfire season, despite continuing threats to their ongoing safety!

31 October 2014


Happy Halloween!

26 October 2014

Next year's Rotherham venue doesn't print its own tickets, so they've asked us to provide them. We've made nice Funoony ones - hope you like them, Rotherham folks!

20 October 2014

Lovely feedback from an Iraqi fan of the Leeds show: "The show was just superb!...So enjoyed the Iraqi and the Dabka was just out of this world. I got up to dance while you guys were dancing it and it took me back         years to my childhood."


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