Folkloric and Traditional Bellydance Costumes!



In a show dedicated to Folkloric dance it was important for each costume to honour Traditional and National dress, and to be practical and functional stage-wear for dancers. The perfect person to entrust with the creation of a whole range of beautiful Funoon dancewear just had to be Beverley Smith. Under the trade-name Baladi Bazaar, Beverley designs her own exclusive and affordable made-to-measure ranges of Folkloric and Oriental bellydance-wear and is often to be found at dance events with her travelling souk.


You can see all the latest merchandise and one-off designs through the Baladi Bazaar Facebook page - which is also the best place to contact Beverley directly.  Just click HERE


If you would like to be the proud owner of similar stunning costumes for a solo performance, or for your dance troupe, please contact Beverley directly to discuss designs, colours, fabrics, and the all-important sparkly bits! Beverley will also tell you which measurements you need to take to make sure the costume is a perfect fit. Payment by cash, cheque, or Paypal, with postage and package costs dependent upon the weight of costume


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Algerian costume


In real life this traditional-looking costume would be expertly made by arranging and wrapping long pieces of cloth about the body, and holding everything in place with pins and fibulae brooches. That isn't very practical for quick-change dancing under theatre lighting! This gorgeous Baladi Bazaar design gets the look with a plain underdress in jewel colours and a contrasting sleeveless bib-fronted net overdress with matching headdress. All trimmed with gold to catch the light.

Andalus / Arabian Nights


Straight from the stories of Sinbad and Sheherezade comes this gorgeous corset-waisted two-piece teaming full trousers with contrasting velvet top. The sleeves are gathered from elbow to wrist and the top is trimmed in gold braid. The costume is completed with a turban-wrapped headdress and veil. 


Matching silk scarves with finger-holds sold separately.

Andalus / Muwashahat costume


Based on pseudo-medieval costumes devised and made popular by Egypt's Reda Troupe, this costume features a full circle skirt and a close-fitting divided-peplum brocade jacket with 3/4 fitted sleeves. Each sleeve has a deep wrist-length floaty cuff to match the skirt which suggests a fine underdress rather than separates. The headdress consists of a hair-concealing coifed snood and a jaunty feathered cap.


Ask about prices, fabrics, and anything else!  Just click Baladi Bazaar


Arabian Nights costume


Inspired by Ali Baba's sword-dancing heroine Morgiana, this fabulous costume features voluminous striped "harem pants" with a rich velvet floor-length "ghawazee" coat-dress with hanging sleeves split to the elbow. Coat tails, sleeves, and pants fly out as you spin! This magical costume comes with matching made-to-measure velvet bra and headscarf, all embellished with golden braid. Just gorgeous!

Assiut Ghawazee


One of the most stunning and talked-about costumes from the show Funoon we-Alwane, this is made from real Egyptian assiut (tulle-bi-telli) - a fine mesh net threaded with silver. In true Egyptian style, the whole is decorated with ghawazee crescent moons and gold coins. The dress has wide sleeves and side splits and comes with a matching headdress. Matching under-dress optional.


Have a dream costume in mind?  Just ask Baladi Bazaar


Berber dresses


With their wide peplum skirts and draped tops, folkloric Berber dress resembles ancient Graeco-Roman costumes and the delightful dancing terra cotta Tanagra figures beloved of archaeologists. Baladi Bazaar has designed a practical theatrical version with a full-lenght 3/4 sleeve underdress and net overdress. Best accessorized with patterned Berber headscarves and embroidered slippers. The Funoon dancers also wore traditional jewelled tiaras together with turquoise, amber, coral and carnelian necklaces.

Dervish / Tannoura skirts


Full circle skirts, either separate or made into a complete dress, Baladi Bazaar dervish skirts are made of a heavy velvet to make the most perfectly-flowing whirling wave patterns for this dream-like dance.


(Romy wore her dancing dress with her own waterfall / flower-petal pants - Baladi Bazaar trousers or underskirts ordered spearately.) 


This is only a small sample !  - For more: just click Baladi Bazaar


Khaleegy thobe in pure silk


Ultra-modern Gulf dress ditching the more traditional gold and sequinned panels for the luxurious simplicity of pure silk all over a made-to-measure catsuit to give you the perfect silhouette. As someone who regularly teaches and dances Khaleegy styles, Beverley has designed these thobes to be perfectly performance-friendly with wide, deep sleeves for dancing in. You won't get stuck in your thobe again, but it's so beautiful you might not want to take it off!

Libyan Hajalla


This cute costume in dolly mixture colours pays tribute to costumes designed for the Reda Troupe and to the Libyan original. A double-peplum ruffled skirt edged with rows of braid is worn over a knee-length (or ankle length) shift dress. The outfit is completed with a matching floating veil headdress decorated with pompoms. 


Want one in every colour?  Ask about troupe costumes at Baladi Bazaar


Iraqi / Kawliya dance dress


In recent years form-fitting dresses resembling jewelled evening-gowns have become popular thanks to their appearance in Iraqi music videos. (This is no strange thing - the traditional Egyptian bedleh first appeared in the 1920s-1930s and owes a great deal to evening-wear of the period.) The charm of this Baladi Bazaar design is it simplicity - just ornamented on the sleeves and neckline, the skirts dramatically flare from the knee.

Nubian costume


Full skirts beneath loose over-tunic with contrasting decorative panel and deep matching cuffs. A playfully-floating headdress completes the look! 


Nubian costumes are loose-fitting and unstructured, and the shapes they make are as much a part of the dance as the characteristic steps and arm movements.


Ask about prices, fabrics, and anything else!  Just click Baladi Bazaar


Nubian embellished costume


I once saw similar dresses on sale in Aswan advertised as "Soudani Sleeping Suit - Very Fresh" - and, yes, this floating gown embellished by Baladi Bazaar does rather resemble the most amazing nightie!


The hem and wide sleeves have been ornamented with ruffles in bright contrasting colours and the front of the gown and long headdress are decorated with geometric jewel patterns. 


Persian coat


Beautifully modelled here by Houriat, this floor-length velvet coat has a full circle skirt decorated with traditional feather motifs and long, fitted sleeves slit to open from the elbow. The front of the coat is fastened with invisible velcro, making this not only a gorgeous dance costume, but also a luxurious costume "cover up". (With matching crown headdresses, if required.)


Want one in every colour?  Ask about troupe costumes at Baladi Bazaar


Persian princess


Made from embroidered Indian suit fabrics this costume features a full circle skirt edged with a deep band of contrasting colour and a veil headdress to match. The Persian-style coat is tied at the waist and separated into long panels to enable traditional floor-work. A tall tiara completes the look.


(Never tried Persian dance? Why not ask Beverley about beginner's workshops!)

Cheeky shaabi


Drape-fronted thigh-split Egyptian-style shift dress made from the craziest-patterned stretch lycra Bev can find, and teamed with a glitter bra and hip-tie. Worn with a straight underskirt, or for full dare-to-be-bare  Cairo Diva naughtiness you can always order hot-pants! It's all made to measure by Baladi Bazaar so you can guarantee a perfect fit.


Ask about prices, fabrics, and anything else!  Just click Baladi Bazaar


Shaabi chic shift dress


Made from a scene-stealing sparkly fabric with vibrant hiptie and headscarf to match Nawarra's own under-dress - these lightweight no-iron-needed dresses are perfect for the travelling ma'alema. Throw them over your costume for an instant cover-up or quick-change shaabi number and throw them in your case at the end of the night!

Spanish bata de cola


Split picture for this iconic Spanish dance skirt with a heavy, trailing tail of many ruffles and a high cinched waist. There are almost as many ruffles on the underside of the skirt to give it that famously kickable weight!


Want to book a souk or find out where we are next?  Just click Baladi Bazaar


Spanish frills


Learning flamenco? Why not order a stunning made-to-measure Baladi Bazaar flamenco dress for class-wear or for performance-wear. The skirt flares from the knee with three rows of braid-edged ruffles, matching the ruffle-edged sleeves. (Long-fringed Spanish shawl, Irene's own - or probably her mum's!)



Sparkly shamadan dresses


Made of sparkly sequinned stretch fabric with contrasting hip-ties and headscarves, these dresses are based on the costumes worn by Egypt's folkloric cancdelabra dancers from the 1970's to present day.

There's enough squidge-room for floor-work - and you can decorate your shamadan with matching coloured beads to make sure you glitter and dazzle in the darkness!


Ask about prices, fabrics, and anything else!  Just click Baladi Bazaar


Tunisian style


With their rich colours and gold-coin deocration these make a stunning troupe or solo costume. Long over-tunic split from the waist and tied to manageable length with a traditional wool-tasselled belt. The front of the tunic is finished to resemble traditional clasps, and the long white headdress comes with a matching coloured band and more coins. (You will need to buy your own light-weight white polo-neck jersey. White under trousers can be ordered from Baladi Bazaar.)

Turkish Roma costume


Multi-yard tribal-style skirt tiered with contrasting panels of plain and floral cotton fabrics, worn with a hip-tie, 3/4-sleeved, tie-fronted crop-top, and scarf headdress. The whirling and swirling skirts of this Baladi Bazaar design make it just fabulous for troupe costumes in various colours - blues, pinks, greens, and purples have so far proved popular!


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