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The Venue

Guiseley Theatre is a great big old building directly opposite Guiseley Sports Centre carpark. You can’t miss it, but people have in the past! Don’t look for a huge sign saying Theatre, because there isn’t one! And it doesn’t look much like a theatre because it used to be the Town Hall…

Entrance is via the front of the building. The door on the left is the Artistes’ Entrance - if you arrive late it might be shut. The door

on the right is the Public Entrance. There are loading doors round the

back, but these are kept closed for safety. It’s likely the loading doors will only be opened after 11:00pm to help us get out of the building fast.

The dressing rooms are on the first floor and accessible by a steep and narrow staircase - pack sensibly so you don’t do yourself a mischief lugging mahoosive trundle-cases and steamer trunks upstairs before you’ve danced a step!

Obviously, the entire building is no smoking!



The Sports Centre car park is opposite the theatre. Parking here is a risk as it has signs warning that it's for patrons only. Street parking is a short drive along the road: it's there if you look, although the traffic lights aren’t always friendly when you’re driving around, and we've found online parking websites like Parkopedia are pretty accurate.

There appears to be some parking to the side and rear of the building - but we are not allowed to use this except for loading and unloading.

We haven’t had any problems parking in Guiseley, but do please

remember not to leave valuables in cars. 


Food and drink

There are all sorts of shops in Guiseley where you can purchase food and drink and anything else you might want. There are several just a short walk away, as well as cafés and supermarkets.

We provide tea, coffee, soft drinks, biscuits, and other bits and pieces free of charge to get you through the afternoon rehearsals and for when you arrive just before the show. There is a little kitchen area at the theatre: do please help yourself, but please wash and tidy up afterwards.

During the evening show there will be a bar and tuck-shop type nibbles for sale in the foyer. Please use these facilities if you want drinks later on.

Don’t bring your own evening refreshments. The theatre is run entirely by volunteers and receives very little external financial support. They really do depend on the small amounts of money raised by bar sales, and every little helps.


Dressing rooms - During the day

There is a big dressing room on the first floor. During rehearsals you will probably want to use this because it’s closest to the stage, and you probably won’t be changing into your full costume until later on. Space is limited, so please leave big bags in the auditorium, and clear out of the dressing room as soon as you have completed your allotted rehearsal.

Please also remember that the Artistes’ Entrance may be open and it’s possible that someone may wander in from the street. Please keep all valuables safe and don’t leave them in the dressing room.


Dressing rooms - During the show

The big dressing room is for Funoon only since we'll be storing props and other requisites here. If there is any space, this will be allocated to soloists only. If you are not performing a solo, and are not part of Funoon you will need to use one of the downstairs rooms.

The downstairs dressing rooms are big, open function rooms. There are plenty of chairs, but not much else. Make sure you keep all of your belongings together, and respect other people’s belongings.

There may be a dress rail or two; there may just be cloak room pegs; or you may have to make do with a chair. The theatre staff will be as helpful as they can be, but some of the things you might expect to see could already be in use in one of the other rooms. Lots of community groups use the theatre during the week.

You may want to think about bringing your own mirror, and a few spare carrier bags are always useful. If you take food and drink into the dressing rooms, please make sure it’s kept away from costumes and that all waste food is safely binned.

There are plenty of ladies loos, but they’re rather small and chilly, and not remotely practical for changing in unless you’re a phenomenal contortionist!


Dressing room - Etiquette

Under no circumstance bring family or friends into the dressing room areas!


Artistes' Entrance

If you are using the Artistes’ Entrance to come and go after rehearsals, please make sure it is secured from the inside or people will try to use this entrance to get in to the show early. During the show the backstage area must be secured by keeping all doors shut.



There will be lots of programmes. If you want one to keep make sure you get one from Jo before the show. If you want spare ones for anyone who couldn't make the show, ask Jo if there’s any left after the show. If you completely forget to pick one up, Jo can email one to you afterwards.



The venue will be open from 3.30PM (Please don’t arrive any earlier!) Beverley will be there to show you where everything is - don’t worry! Jo will be running about sorting out all the technical stuff, but if there’s anything you think she needs to know about your performance, tell her straight away. Don’t leave it too late!

There will be plenty of notices around the building to remind you of the running order.

If you arrive during rehearsals, please try to be quiet whilst others are on stage. You are welcome to come and watch the rehearsals and your input is very useful. We will be setting the lighting for the show during the rehearsals. We want everything to run as smoothly as possible and to look as good as possible, so if something’s 

bothering you speak up and we’ll try to sort it out!

Rehearsals finish at 6.00pm. We can’t over run - this is the only time the sound guy gets to have his tea, and we don’t want a hungry, grumpy sound guy for our show!


Video-ing the show

We will have at least one video camera running at the back of the theatre for the whole show and possibly for the rehearsals as well. We record all of our events for the archive we have kept for more than ten years. If you would like a copy of your performance video

afterwards, please ask Jo afterwards. (You can ask for a copy of your performance any time - it’s in an archive, and we keep it safe!)

We don’t mind if you put your video on Youtube, or on your website, or wherever. A credit to Funoon would be appreciated.

We won’t be making a DVD of the show, and we won’t be selling anything afterwards.

We don't mind you asking a friend to video your performance, but please ask them to film from their seat. Please don't put any video material online without obtaining the performer's permission.


Cameras and photography

We don’t mind people taking photographs during the show, but please note, flash photography is not permitted. Anybody taking photographs must take them from their seats. Please tell your guests about both these important points - we don’t want anything to spoil anyone’s enjoyment of a great night!

Jo will be taking photographs close to the stage. We will share a selection on Facebook afterwards. Again, these photos are archived - if you want proper copies any time, just ask. If there are some you like we don’t mind you using them on your website, or for posters, or anything else - a credit to the photographer and Funoon, where possible, is always kind!



The theatre opens to the General Public from 6:30pm but only allows

them as far as the bar and the Foyer. From 6:30pm the backstage area should be secured and all flies / flets will be dropped to prevent general access. (This will make sense once you see the theatre).

The auditorium main doors open at 7pm to the General Public. Somebody will always try to get through to the backstage area. If someone is bringing something for you - like that bit of costume you left on the ironing board! - you must not let them through to the dressing rooms.


FROM 6:30pm:







The theatre staff do not know who is a performer and who is not. If people see you coming in through the main doors they will also think they can get into the auditorium early. Chaos and accidents can - and do - happen. Since there will probably be some last minute technical stuff going on and very probably some bags, wires, stage-lights, and ladders to be put back where they belong, the only way to keep everybody safe is to follow this simple rule with NO EXCEPTIONS!


If you’re wandering about the theatre before the show starts, it’s a good idea to wear something nice to cover your costume, and to have something on your feet! It’s chilly, and you don’t want to frighten any of the volunteers!


Reserved steats:

Seating for this event should be informal. Please note that we will have reserved some seats. These will be marked by pre-printed reserved notices. Please do not try to reserve seats for any of your guests. However, if somebody coming to support you has mobility, or any other issues, and it would be kind to let them have a reserved seat please let us know before Saturday and we’ll make sure they're looked after.


End of event:

We hope you have a fabulous evening and that Saturday’s show will be every bit as special as we're hoping it might be.

We plan to have everything finished on stage by 10:30pm

We will still have a lot of work to do before we can go home, so will

appreciate anything and everything you can do to help! We have to be out of the venue by 11:00pm - if we run over we lose our booking

discount and will be charged a lot more for using the theatre. This means we won’t cover our costs.


So please:

- Check and double check you have all your belongings before you

   leave the theatre.

- Leave the dressing rooms as you found them.

- Tidy everything up and put chairs, rails, and tables back where

   they belong.

- Bin or bag all rubbish for collection by the volunteers.

- Pour away any unfinished drinks and dispose of cups and bottles

- Take home any rubbish that can be recycled

- Help the theatre volunteers to tidy the auditorium so everybody

   can get safely home to bed. (The Guiseley volunteers love theatre

   just as much as you do and many of them are retired actors and

   dancers. They will have been working hard all night looking after

   the front-of-house.)

- Leave the venue quietly - there are lots of houses very close to the

    back of the theatre and we don’t want to disturb the neighbours!


Thanks for reading!

The Funoon Team



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